Home decoration is no easy task, especially when you have so many options to choose from. And if you’re as hopeless with picking the right details as most of us are, the task of finding the right window blinds can become near impossible.

Not to worry though; to help you with this decision, we bring to you some basic tips to pick the right window blinds that will work perfectly with your home décor.   

Why Blinds Though?

Before we dive into this subject, you may be wondering why you should be choosing blinds instead of the classic choice of window curtains.

Unlike your heavy-duty curtains, window blinds are very easy to adjust, and can provide just the right amount of light through their tilt function. Blinds can be stacked up or pulled to the side, giving you an unobstructed view. And to top it off, blinds are also a lot more affordable and easy to maintain. On the other hand, you may need to spend a hefty amount on having your curtains laundered. All you will need to clean your blinds is a soft wet cloth and a light touch.


How to Choose the Right Blinds

  • Know Your Room Type

Each room requires a different style of window blinds. For instance, blinds in a bathroom demand privacy and need to be resistant to moisture; whereas bedrooms and children’s rooms can use blackout blinds for proper safety and comfort.

  • Window Style

If you have wide windows, you can choose to go with vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are designed to allow light in since they can be stacked off to the side. If you’re more into modern home décor, you can go with the option of aluminum venetian blinds, since they make a commercial statement. If you’re more into a contemporary look though, you can choose from a collection of blinds that you can swap according to your chosen style, which brings us to…

  • Décor

The aesthetic appeal of your room will obviously play into the selection of your window blinds. Vertical blinds with simple patterns offer a rich feel to the overall ambiance. However, you can also bring a plantation or western-style theme by using horizontal wood blinds. Although expensive, you can opt for faux wood slats or standard aluminum blinds, which are available in a variety of colors.

  • Types of Window Blinds

Now, if you check the selection available at well-known sources, you will usually find a variety available. Items such as roller blinds, blackout blinds, roman blinds, Venetian blinds, shutters, thermal blackout roller blinds and many more can be easily bought. But to make this decision, you must first determine the cost of the material that will be used in production. Remember, blinds require proper measurement.

  • Finding the Right Measurements

It’s not so difficult to measure your windows for blinds. Along with measuring the height and width, you must also note the window depth if you’re choosing to have blinds in a casement window.

The rule of thumb for blinds is that they should completely cover the window and have at least 2 inches more cover on all sides.

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