Going Vertical Blinds is a great choice for all large sliding doors and windows, one of the great opportunities with Custom verticals they offer the flexibilities of great constructions and diversions of control options.

Going vertical also offers wide options of colors and textures.

Custom options of Vertical Blinds Left controls and stack to the right control options: Left control blinds stack to the right. For all those sliding doors with the option where the doorway is on the left and you prefer to use the option whereby the blinds are the stack to the right and you don't want to go to the extreme side for the control, you can request this option which is excellent for the convenience of use.  

Custom option of vertical blinds split stack Split stack options for balance which is great you can enhance the decor with consistency and equality. Conveniently created for easy traversing.


Custom options of Vertical Blinds left control Left control stack to the left 


Custom option of Vertical Blinds right stack ,right control



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