Vertical blinds replacement slats .

There is a very easy way to replace your vertical blinds slats/louvers that will save you a great amount of money. Once you have decided and have an idea whether you will go with Fabric or vinyl log on to and see the wide selections of vertical blinds options of textures and request samples.

Removing your louvres

The easiest way to remove your old blind slats is to pull all of the slats into the open position until they are all bungled  together, then you  remove the louvres  slats one by one making sure you don't damage the vertical blind carriers ,over  time the hangers can become very brittle and snap  because are plastic .

Measuring for your new slats


Measuring procedure for your vertical slats .

If you have any issues with taking your slats out ,no worries you can measure from the stem of your vertical blinds to the end of your replacing slats. If you manage to take down please lay flat on the ground and measure to the exact 1/8 of an inch

Enhance your decor with a fresh look .

Your windows will look great with the great selection ,with excellent textureed finished blinds that will enhance your decor. Great for patio doors and that large windows .

Replacing your vertical blinds has never been so simple wide selection on offer Perfecto Blinds has an extensive selection of commercial and residential blinds please request samples or view our replacement slat selections. The cost of replacing your slats Starts at 1.40 per slats

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