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4 Great Benefits Of Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

4 Great  Benefits Of Replacement Vertical Blind Slats


Custom  vertical blind  has been around since 1950,  so After 71 years they are still here .Know how beneficial these window dressings can be. Offering exceptional light control benefits, a wide variety of  colors and textures ,style function a lot of option ,they are suitable for very large windows , they are a popular choice for larger windows and doors. No other Blinds I know of  gives you all of the required functions,colors,textures,options for those large patio doors.Great options for rental properties ,commercial offices ,universities and homes .Vertical Blinds great investments you will make for your  home.Purchase your  replacement vertical blind slats and  save at least 10% off our already low prices.

1. Cost-effective

With vertical blinds, it’s very easy for individual slats to become broken, damaged  by pets or natural wear and tear but it's inexpense to replace your vertical blinds slats ,easy to take them out from the carriers . Many homes owners spend thousands of dollars chaning the complete Vertical blinds not knowing they can be replaced individually. 

Replacing your  vertical blind slats help to solve this issue significantly saving you from  spending thousands of dollars . They are a low-cost  and through Perfectoblinds.com  we have created ways of upgrading your blinds with a wide selection of colors ,textures ,and custom made options. Each Louvers slats  is manufactured from the same high-quality fabric  or PVC . Anyone can insert your cost effective slats in your tracks without any complicated issues . 

2. More versatility with style

The beauty of Vertical Blinds  you don't have to replace the entires blinds ,you can selectively  replace the actual required amount or you can be creative using another textures or just match the existing texture color of your blinds ..With the wide selection at your disposal chaning your blinds can't be more versatile  or flexibly the tracks are also replacable as well.At perfecto Blinds we do custom made Vertical Blinds tracks up to 192.00 Wide for the very extremely larde  windows or doors and the louvers slats fabrics goes up to 160.00 inches high ,this is how versatile these blinds are.Vertical blinds are more versatile than any other blinds that is why they still around today .Vertical blinds is the best options for large doors and windows  

3. Long lasting interior decor

Custom vertical blinds ,having the opportunity of over 1000 colors and textures ,Our vertical blinds will never fall short in cordinating with your decor ,after spending all that  inestment in creating your living space your vertical blinds will add that calmness and will enhance your finished .Whether you choice fabric,Vinyl or sheer vertical for the softness this product is one of the best investment you can ever made for these large windows and doors.The ablilty of functinallityand privacy with full control is great .

4. Minimum labour required

Installation of Vertical blinds is simple especialy if you know how to use your hands ,drill and excited . To install your vertical requires a drill tape measure and possible a level . Usually this will take a pro about 15-30 mins to install a very large window but investing your time you will really appreciate the finish considerting you get it done without paying any one that is a great feeling .
Replacement vertical blind slats remain one of our most popular options here at perfectoblinds.com  if you would like more information  about cost  give us a call speak with our experience team or schedule an in home consultation